AtomMiner Downloads

Latest software update: 1.0.3RC8 released on 07/05/2021

Our software is designed to run native on most Linxu distributions, but we favor Debian based systems due to its simplicity and availability.
On the debian OS (Ubuntu, Mint, Raspbian and others) AtomMiner software can be installed via default system package manager, apt-get. Install instructions and setup scripts are availbe at our debian repository

Windows and MacOS users can use our pre-configured Virtual Machine. Download links are at the very bottom of the screen.

Linux Installers and Binaries

Arch Type sha1sum Size Download
armhf deb 34ef60f0fb69a74e8e3df5595837d5e33e282fe0 36.46MB atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC8_armhf.deb
arm64 deb a7b88f516af9a77a0afab8c50d7fe5c665792b44 36.24MB atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC8_arm64.deb
i386 deb 6ffca88da4c076db579555bc26437b3f6873ef30 36.63MB atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC8_i386.deb
amd64 deb 895c65953816503533a2990d62505019837968d7 36.64MB atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC8_amd64.deb
armhf tar b905abe91bac760aac38fbf9a6b5fd070d7479f3 36.93MB atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC8_armhf.tar.gz
arm64 tar 352e84ba29055eeadbc6bf7dc1f6f5c8f1c13f71 36.68MB atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC8_arm64.tar.gz
i386 tar 364831b1133d46dd4a99d5fb832fed43cbca02c5 37.07MB atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC8_i386.tar.gz
amd64 tar 1effa10b17d1ad5fa744e8e0b7870e2b350998bb 37.05MB atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC8_amd64.tar.gz
Manual setup instructions are available on our documentation website at

Previous Versions

Previous releases can be downloaded from our Software Archive.

VM Images

Below are the links to pre-configured, ready-to-run Virtual Machine images for miners using Windows, MacOS or other operating systems.
VM Version Arch sha1sum Size Download
OVA 1.0.3RC6 32bit x86 8fe0b643869b39e701f7216c9a12fa57458f8278 332 Mb atomminer_1.0.3RC6.ova

VM image can be used with both, VMWare and Virtual Box virtual machines. Setup instructions are available for VMWare and VBox

OS Images for Raspberry Pi (all models)

Below are the links to pre-configured, ready-to-run Raspbian OS images for all models of Raspberry Pi (yes, Raspberry Pi 1 Model A is still supported).
OS Image sha1sum Version Size Download
Raspbian Buster with AtomMiner and desktop
OS image with desktop based on Raspbian desktop
ca4f815d51841628d09dd96f173b52d33840e73d 1.0.3RC7 919.8 Mb raspbian-buster-atomminer.img.xz
Raspbian Buster Lite with AtomMiner
Minimal OS image based on Raspbian Lite
988fb9948e612a7c28396b4842c285dc78791f51 1.0.3RC7 512.9 Mb raspbian-buster-lite-atomminer.img.xz
Please refer to Headless AtomMiner AM01 setup with Raspberry Pi guide for setup instructions.

Questions? Problems? Suggestions? Please share your experience!

Last updated: July 07 2021