AtomMiner Downloads

Latest software update: 1.0.3RC3 released on 06/01/2019

Our software is designed to run native on most Linxu distributions, but we favor Debian based systems due to its simplicity and availability.
On the debian OS (Ubuntu, Mint, Raspbian and other) AtomMiner software can be installed via default system package manager, apt-get. Install instructions and setup scripts are availbe at our debian repository

Windows and MacOS users can use our pre-configured Virtual Machine. Download links are at the very bottom of the screen.

Linux Installers and Binaries

Arch Type sha1sum Size Download
i386 deb a9182301b12a2325511cb34aca965ebb7683b748 14 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_i386.deb
amd64 deb d6836995070ff3aec3018e26a6a5a1ce60b6fd17 14 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_amd64.deb
armhf deb 84d1d1cfc7f2e7e49ac705db371e868c5e92b293 14 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_armhf.deb
i386 tar.gz 6c09c5524ec49451c0b4add26b7adfed6111b6cc 15 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_i386.tar.gz
amd64 tar.gz 53aa2ee824b5180d1db1a9b967d00225ff610a6a 15 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_amd64.tar.gz
armhf tar.gz 7a366d6ab549f1eba83a0e2b4d542663b61037f2 15 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC3_armhf.tar.gz
Manual setup instructions are available on our documentation website at

VM Images

Below are the links to pre-configured, ready-to-run Virtual Machine images for miners using Windows, MacOS or other operating systems.
VM Arch sha1sum Size Download
OVA 32bit x86 f420f266f08be1bb803edd3ffcf7ee21193332fb 310 Mb atomminer_1.0.3RC3.ova

VM image can be used with both, VMWare and Virtual Box virtual machines. Setup instructions are available for VMWare and VBox

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