AtomMiner Downloads

Latest software update: 1.0.3RC5 released on 07/24/2019

Our software is designed to run native on most Linxu distributions, but we favor Debian based systems due to its simplicity and availability.
On the debian OS (Ubuntu, Mint, Raspbian and other) AtomMiner software can be installed via default system package manager, apt-get. Install instructions and setup scripts are availbe at our debian repository

Windows and MacOS users can use our pre-configured Virtual Machine. Download links are at the very bottom of the screen.

Linux Installers and Binaries

Arch Type sha1sum Size Download
i386 deb 494cd76718061aabf91b56fe148a74d76cf39821 22.1 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC5_i386.deb
amd64 deb 1adc7efe1eaa7b2620bfc029fc720bfa6fc4af24 22.2 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC5_amd64.deb
armhf deb 584c50958e67e66ec3affb101c359bb863fb4b22 21.9 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC5_armhf.deb
arm64 deb 1379dbe079ab88a12d3a53e94518c5e6ba383e93 21.8 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC5_arm64.deb
i386 tar.gz c24f305ac48897a135889e1fdf5f22f0b8dc7e6c 22.6 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC5_i386.tar.gz
amd64 tar.gz 07be8ba871587ecb36db7d14c956b327acf534c4 22.6 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC5_amd64.tar.gz
armhf tar.gz 96c9c5d06a3bf9e9d9f0f9d9697cbfda59dd8a32 22.4 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC5_armhf.tar.gz
arm64 tar.gz f2fefae0b393a275dcf57c9630913f880c89a3f6 22.2 Mb atomminer-cli_1.0.3RC5_arm64.tar.gz
Manual setup instructions are available on our documentation website at

VM Images

Below are the links to pre-configured, ready-to-run Virtual Machine images for miners using Windows, MacOS or other operating systems.
VM Arch sha1sum Size Download
OVA 32bit x86 38e4f8e2dd8c90a730866a7e00086e0f695c41b6 321 Mb atomminer_1.0.3RC5.ova

VM image can be used with both, VMWare and Virtual Box virtual machines. Setup instructions are available for VMWare and VBox

Questions? Problems? Suggestions? Please share your experience!